Creator of Innovative Tools

CE Tools is quickly becoming known in the Tool industry with our game changing first product:

The SnapBack Chalk Line. 

The only chalk line that can be removed from a distance, alongside revolutionary new style and concept. Thats not all though, the SnapBack was just the first bullet piercing the Tool industry's hull. With our stylish new pencils hitting stores soon as well as a brand new sheet rock tool sighted to hit in Spring 2019; the Tool industry is about to hit a whole new level of innovation.

The SnapBack, the worlds only chalk line with a releasable tip.

The patented SnapBack releasable chalk line tip can release its hook at a distance, effectively cutting the users steps in half . Never cross a work space again to retrieve a chalk line tip!

More steps equals wasted time and increased risk of injury.

The SnapBack premium chalk line tip has an improved fanged teeth design that grips the work surface more securely than a conventional tip. It locks in place and doesn't move until you release it.

The SnapBack chalk line tip can be purchased separately and is compatible with all handheld chalk lines.