Aside from the revolutionary tip, the SnapBack Premium Chalk Line has many other additional features including:

  • Fat-Bodied Design with durable rubber grips that make it easy to hold, and saves your fingers while reeling in

  • Easy to open "Pinch-to-refill" door design that won't ACCIDENTALLY open when you don't want it to

  • Steel Belt clip that attaches to your work belt for ease of access

  • Easy to read and accurate "Plumb Bob" on the bottom

  • Replaced the traditional chalk line string for a Polyester Nylon "Cord" that won't fray

  • 4.4:1 Planetary Gear Ratio for fast reeling

  • Durable, High-Impact RESISTANT casing that won't break when dropped

  • Tip docking area that fits flush with the chalk line, no more loose lines! 

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